About PurCell Bio

A chemically-defined supplement that meets and exceeds the performance of FBS in cell culture. We are a small, biotech startup company based in Bozeman, MT Our goal at PurCell Bio is to produce a chemically-defined, complete media supplement that eliminates the need for serum in cell culture. Our founder and CEO, Elizabeth “Tess” Corbin, started

Our Unique Products

PurSupplements stand in stark contrast to other media supplements in the market today. Our supplements are chemically-defined, virtually contamination-free and tailored to the unique, nutritional needs of different cell types. This completely replaces serum supplementation in cell culture, fostering more reliable results, cleaner cells, and cleaner cell products.  First, PurSupplements are chemically-defined. This means no

Papers & Publications

MSU doctoral student seeking a cure for her son’s rare disorder wins fellowship Monday Jun. 26th, 2017 A Montana State University doctoral student who is seeking a cure for her son’s rare genetic disorder has won a fellowship that will allow her to quit the predawn paper route she took to make ends meet and

About Us

Dr. Elizabeth Corbin Dr. Elizabeth “Tess” Corbin founded PurCell Bio as a result of her mission to improve methods for stem cell-based therapies.  While completing an undergraduate degree in chemistry with an emphasis on organic chemistry, Tess discovered that her son had a genetic enzyme disorder for which there was no effective treatment.  In response,