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Dr. Elizabeth Corbin

Dr. Elizabeth Corbin

Dr. Elizabeth “Tess” Corbin founded PurCell Bio as a result of her mission to improve methods for stem cell-based therapies.  While completing an undergraduate degree in chemistry with an emphasis on organic chemistry, Tess discovered that her son had a genetic enzyme disorder for which there was no effective treatment.  In response, she turned her attention to the study of metabolism and metabolic pathways, and then to the culture of stem cells, and her doctoral candidacy genetics.  MSU’s department of chemistry and biochemistry supported her doctoral candidacy, and Tess was awarded a PhD in in 2019 for her work developing of a line of chemically defined supplements for cell culture.    These supplements were quickly recognized as the solution to several major issues in cell culture, cell-based research, drug testing, cell-based therapies, bioproduction and stem cell technologies.   This catalyzed the creation of PurCell Bio.

Bozeman Montana is Tess Corbin’s hometown.  After many years as an entrepreneur and musician, she returned to raise her two boys here while completing her undergraduate and graduate programs, supported by numerous awards and scholarships including two Hach Scientific Foundation scholarships, a Harlan Byker research scholarship, a Paul and Marie Davidson scholarship, and a National Academies of Sciences and Engineering Ford Foundation Fellowship. During the course of her graduate program she was able to complete two hands on courses at the National Institutes of Health, and worked under the renowned Dr Renee Reijo-Pera during her tenure as MSU’s Vice President of Research and Economic Development. 

As PurCell Bio begins marketing it’s first supplements, Tess still has one boy at home, finishing high school.   During the course of her studies, she developed a nutrient regimen that completely eliminated the effects of the enzyme disorder suffered by her eldest, and he is currently living in Denver.  She has been greatly blessed with supportive colleagues and talented friends who believe in the work, and enjoys breeding and raising pugs in her spare time.  The success of PurCell Bio will, she hopes, support further research into stem cell technologies, and perhaps produce therapies and cures for many. 

Ramon Parmenter

Prior to joining PurCell Bio, Ramon Parmenter enjoyed international acclaim as a sculptor and artist rendering highly collectible bronze sculptures and oil paintings.  During the market crash of 2008, Ray felt called into the healing arts, becoming a Certified Nurse Assistant, and providing care for his elderly father for his final two years. The medical field held him, and her became a dialysis technician in 2012.  

Ray came to Bozeman at the request of a friend who owns a bronze gallery in the area.  While assisting in the business, and producing sculptures and paintings, Ray met Dr Elizabeth Corbin and was intrigued by her work.   They discovered a strong spiritual bond, and he decided to bring his lab tech skills, as well as his creative mind and gift to the PurCell project.  

Currently Ray resides in Bozeman, and has assisted in the creation of PurCell Bio in many diverse ways, from painting the clean room to running experiments.  He continues to produce great art in his spare time, and enjoys music, organic gardening and study of the Bible as well as science.

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