Our Unique Products

PurSupplements stand in stark contrast to other media supplements in the market today. Our supplements are chemically-defined, virtually contamination-free and tailored to the unique, nutritional needs of different cell types. This completely replaces serum supplementation in cell culture, fostering more reliable results, cleaner cells, and cleaner cell products. 

  • First, PurSupplements are chemically-defined. This means no more unknown unknowns! With FBS, the concentrations of nutrients, lipids, and proteins vary between batches1, not to mention that the exact composition of FBS is unclear and undefined.2,4 This reality was summarized well by the National Institute of Health, “Although serum is an effective growth promotor, it is highly variable in its composition, activity, and physiological effects on cells. This variability introduces inconsistencies into cell culture research”3
  • Secondly, there are numerous contamination issues that arise with FBS usage in cell culture.  Anywhere from 20% to 50% of commercial FBS is virus positive4 and it has the potential of containing mycoplasma and prions.2 The composition and contamination issues that come with FBS are eliminated with the use of PurSupplements. The contents and concentrations of the nutrients within the supplements are known and there are no biologically-derived animal products in this media supplement. The latter greatly reduces the need for testing for infectious agents.
  • Additionally, PurSupplements stand in stark contrast to most supplements in the market because each PurSupplement is tailored to fit the unique needs of a specific cell type. In other words, we don’t use a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Instead, our approach recognizes the varying nutritional needs of different cell types and provides them with those nutrients. And, our supplement does not provide any other nutrients because these can counteract the positive effects of certain nutrients on the cells or even cause toxic effects.  It is this approach that has enabled PurCell Bio to meet and exceed the performance of FBS in cell culture with chemically-defined supplements. 

First two products in beta testing

Our first two products are ready to enter beta testing: FibroPur and the StemPur. Currently in development are our human embryonic kidney cell (HEK), human lung fibroblast (WI-38), and mouse smooth muscle cell (SMC) supplements. In the future, we plan to develop other supplements like CarTPur, AdipoPur, HematoPur, BetaPur and more! 

  • FibroPur: 
    • Supplement tailored to fit the needs of fibroblasts. 
    • Chemically-defined and surpasses the proliferation rate of FBS by 53%. 
  • StemPur:
    • Outperforms E8 with colony formation and stem cell markers by 358% and 25% respectively. 
    • Chemically-defined. 

Market advantages summary of PurSupplements

  • Comprehensive nutrient content – Pur supplements are complete, including:
    • Trace elements
    • Insulin
    • Transferrin
    • Selenium
    • Lipids
    • Bioactive molecules
    • Growth factors
    • Vitamins
  • Cost savings due to lack of animal-derived components –   
    • No need for dry ice shipping
    • No need to sterile filter media after supplement addition (about $25/L)
    • No need for most contamination testing required for human use (> $650/batch)
  • Increased cell numbers – 
    •  Better efficiency for cell-based production of viruses, proteins, hormones, liposomes, exosomes, and other therapeutics
  • Greater numbers of cells for advanced applications like reprogramming to pluripotency
  • Unit costs are low – The most expensive costs around $40/L to make, without economies of quantity.  Others are half that cost.

Reduced cost of testing with PurSupplements!

    • Greater fluorescence intensity indicates more stem-related proteins in cells. SSEA1 is a negative indicator of pluripotency.
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