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Our Unique Products

PurSupplements stand in stark contrast to other media supplements in the market today. Our supplements are chemically-defined, virtually contamination-free and tailored to the unique, nutritional needs of different cell types. This completely replaces serum supplementation in cell culture, fostering more reliable results, cleaner cells, and cleaner cell products. 

First two products in beta testing

Our first two products are ready to enter beta testing: FibroPur and the StemPur. Currently in development are our human embryonic kidney cell (HEK), human lung fibroblast (WI-38), and mouse smooth muscle cell (SMC) supplements. In the future, we plan to develop other supplements like CarTPur, AdipoPur, HematoPur, BetaPur and more! 

Market advantages summary of PurSupplements

Reduced cost of testing with PurSupplements!

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