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Our Cell Media Systems

PurCell Bio provides complete, animal-product free cell culture systems that grow abundant, healthy cells, exceeding results achieved using Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS), while maintaining a biologically relevant, cell-type specific environment. Our cell media systems are capable of producing therapeutics and cell-based products more efficiently, and results can be certified to be free of the contaminants known to be in animal-based components such as FBS. These contaminants currently stand in the way of many outstanding new therapeutics and other cell-based advances coming to the clinic.

Contaminants in Traditional Cell Media

Traditionally, serum and serum albumin, blood products usually derived from cattle (FBS), have been used in cell culture to provide necessary water-insoluble nutrients. Serum supports cell growth and long term viability, but its contents vary by batch, and it is known to carry contaminants, drugs and other toxins. These issues result in variability of results, confounding of delicate cell techniques, and potential contamination of cells or cell products. They also currently block breakthrough biopharma technologies from FDA approval, and thwart important research.