Dr. Javeri has joined PurCell's Advisory Board!

We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Indu S. Javeri, President and CEO of CuriRx, Inc., has joined the Advisory Board of PurCell Bio.

Dr. Javeri holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Oklahoma and has a rich background in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. As the head of CuriRx, a Contract Research, Development, and Manufacturing Company (CRDMO), she has successfully led collaborations with various companies, contributing to the development of a diverse range of products, including biologics, viral and non-viral vectors, small molecules, peptides, proteins, vaccines, generics, and biosimilars.


CuriRx, under Dr. Javeri’s leadership, is committed to fostering a healthy and collaborative work environment. The company places a strong emphasis on shared values, prioritizing individual growth, client relationships, contributions to the scientific community, and, ultimately, patient well-being.


Dr. Javeri’s extensive experience includes a thirteen-year tenure as CEO at Formatech, a company she co-founded. During her leadership at Formatech, she collaborated with numerous entities to drive product development and established collaborations that resulted in the creation of new intellectual properties.


Her remarkable ability to drive improvements in product, process, and customer service, coupled with her adeptness in forming strategic partnerships with key decision-makers, has been a hallmark of her career. Prior to CuriRx and Formatech, Dr. Javeri held significant scientific and management positions at Genetics Institute in Andover, MA, Abbott Biotech in Needham, MA, and Cambridge Neurosciences in Cambridge, MA.


We are honored to have Dr. Javeri bring her wealth of expertise to PurCell Bio, further strengthening our commitment to innovation and excellence in the biotechnology sector.