Exciting Announcement from PurCell Bio Inc.!


Mansfield, MA – April March 18, 2024


We are thrilled to announce that PurCell Bio, Inc. has officially become one of the esteemed biotechnology tenants at Mansfield Bio-Incubator.


Dr. Elizabeth Corbin, our CEO, conveyed her excitement, affirming that Mansfield provides the ideal setting for PurCell’s groundbreaking environmentally friendly, chemically-defined, and animal origin-free Cell Culture Media Systems, positioning us at the forefront of biotechnology. “Mansfield Bio-Incubator is ideally located to serve the needs of PurCell Bio as we introduce our products to the vitally important biotech hub located in the Boston area. Additionally, the Mansfield management has developed a very flexible format for memberships that grow with the business, and actively supports and promotes its members beyond space and equipment needs to include exposure to investors, workshops on opportunities as they emerge, and cooperation between member companies. They have provided us with a home in the center of the biotech universe, and local knowledge of that amazing landscape and its potential in advancing PurCell Bio’s tools and the advances that they can support to come to the clinic, to the manufacturing bench, and even to the table!”


Henry Lisoukov, our Business Development Director, shared his thoughts on this significant milestone: “PurCell Bio was eager to expand its domestic presence on the East Coast of the USA. With Massachusetts being a global Life Science Hub, Mansfield Bio-Incubator emerged as the perfect choice for our future endeavors. Its strategic location offers easy access to key accounts in Cambridge, Boston, Worcester, and Providence. Additionally, proximity to major highways such as Interstate 95, Highways 93 & 495, and the Mass Pike allows seamless travel to various parts of Massachusetts and neighboring states. We are excited to extend our operations in this vibrant state, where our serum-free and animal-origin free cell culture systems can revolutionize drug discovery and research & development projects across diverse companies and organizations.”


About PurCell Bio, Inc.

PurCell Bio is a dynamic startup specializing in revolutionary products designed to replace Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS) in various cell culture applications. We take pride in offering environmentally friendly, chemically-defined, and animal origin-free Cell Culture Media Systems that surpass the performance of FBS. Our products find applications in Stem Cells Therapy, Regenerative Medicine, Cell Therapy, Gene Therapy, Tissue Engineering, 3D & 4D Bioprinting, Stem Cells Reprogramming, Organoids & Spheroids, Lab-Grown Meat, and many other fields.


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Henry Lisoukov, MBA

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