PurCell Bio Reception Ceremony. Wednesday, May 22nd, 4-6pm EST. Mansfield BioIncubator, MA.

Dear PurCell Bio stockholders, business partners, customers, colleagues, and friends.


We are thrilled to announce our new tenancy at the Mansfield BioIncubator! We cordially invite you to join us in celebrating this significant milestone in our journey of progress and growth.


Please mark your calendars for the PurCell Bio reception ceremony, scheduled for May 22nd between 4-6pm EST.



PurCell Bio, Inc.

Mansfield Bio-Incubator

241 Francis Ave

Mansfield, MA 02048

Website: www.purcell-bio.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/purcell-bio/


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PurCell Bio Reception Ceremony at Mansfield Bio-Incubator:



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We look forward to your presence and sharing this momentous occasion with you.


Warm regards,


Henry & PurCell Bio Team

Henry Lisoukov, MBA

Director of Business Development

PurCell Bio, Inc.

Business: (406) 206-3004

Cell: (508) 840-9269

Email: hlisoukov@purcell-bio.com

Website: www.purcell-bio.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/purcell-bio/