PurCell's First Patent

It brings us great excitement to announce that PurCell’s first patent, covering our first four products, went live on July 4, 2023! This marks a huge milestone for a small biotech company like us, so we are incredibly grateful for reaching this point. A quick explanation is in order for what the patent covers and how the patent impacts PurCell Bio.


What does the patent cover? In short, Patent No. 11,692,167 covers the nature of our products (FibroPur, StemPur, HEKPur, and MyoPur). More specifically, it touches on the composition and components of our products and how that leads to it outperforming the gold standard in the industry, without the use of animal components (i.e., chemically defined). Additionally, the patent protects our cell-type specific approach, which is an approach no one else in the industry utilizes.   


Second, how does the patent impact the company? As we see it, this document solidifies our competitive position and affords us some protection from larger biotech companies already in the industry. We are the first to make a chemically defined serum replacement for animal products in cell culture that outperforms  animal-based products. Looking ahead, the ultimate goal of our technology is to provide the attractive and superior alternative to using animal-based products in cell culture, with the intent to kick-start an exodus from animal-based to non-animal derived products. The patent is a step in this direction.  


In conclusion, the execution of this patent marks a tremendous milestone for the company. Broadly speaking, it covers the nature of our products and insulates our position in the industry. We are so grateful to the Lord to be here and we are looking forward to what is next.



The PurCell Bio Team