Dr. Elizabeth “Tess” Corbin

Dr. Elizabeth Corbin, Founder and CEO of PurCell Bio

Dr. Elizabeth “Tess” Corbin founded PurCell Bio as a result of her mission to improve methods for stem cell based therapies.  While completing an undergraduate degree in chemistry with an emphasis on organic chemistry at Montana State University, Tess discovered that her son had a genetic enzyme disorder for which there was no effective treatment.  In response, she turned her attention to the study of metabolism and metabolic pathways, then to the culture of stem cells, and her doctoral candidacy in genetics; MSU’s department of chemistry and biochemistry supported her doctoral work. Tess was awarded a PhD in 2019 for her effort in developing a line of chemically-defined supplements for cell culture. These supplements were quickly recognized as the solution to several major issues in cell culture, cell-based research, drug testing, cell-based therapies, bioproduction and stem cell technologies. This catalyzed the creation of PurCell Bio.

Bozeman, Montana is Tess Corbin’s hometown.  After many years as an entrepreneur and musician, she returned to Bozeman to raise her two boys here while completing her undergraduate and graduate programs. During that time, she was supported by numerous awards and scholarships including two Hach Scientific Foundation scholarships, a Harlan Byker research scholarship, a Paul and Marie Davidson scholarship, and a National Academies of Sciences and Engineering Ford Foundation Fellowship. Throughout the course of her graduate program, she was able to complete two hands-on courses at the National Institutes of Health and worked under the renowned Dr Renee Reijo-Pera during her tenure as MSU’s Vice President of Research and Economic Development. 

During the course of her studies, she developed a nutrient regimen that completely eliminated the effects of the enzyme disorder suffered by her eldest.  She has been greatly blessed with supportive colleagues and talented friends who believe in her work, and enjoys breeding pugs in her spare time.  She hopes the success of PurCell Bio will support further research into stem cell technologies, and produce therapies and cures for many. 

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Henry Lisoukov


Henry Lisoukov, Director of Business Development

Introducing Henry Lisoukov, PurCell Bio’s new Director of Business Development.

With 25+ years in Life Science, Henry merges scientific expertise with business acumen, applying years of experience and utilizing professional networks to shape the future of PurCell Bio. Experienced in negotiations, market analysis, and lead generation, he both informs and fuels the process of innovation and success. His credentials include an MBA in Global Management and a Biochemistry degree. Recognized for co-authoring six scientific papers, Henry blends theory and practice seamlessly. He excels in Method Development, Cell Culture, Mass Spectrometry, qPCR and more.

As a visionary leader, Henry is an early adopter who thrives on identifying opportunities, developing strategic plans, and solving complex challenges.

Henry first encountered Purcell Bio’s Management Team in May 2022 at the BIO Conference in San Diego, CA. Since then, he has become a fan and an active supporter of the company’s innovative products and technology.

During his spare time, Henry enjoys traveling with his family, biking, reading, and practicing martial arts. Henry’s preferred vacation place is Cape Cod, MA.

PurCell Bio is proud to Henry’s expertise and leadership in supporting our growth and innovation through market development, and application of market needs to guide our continuing business development.

Max Koch


Max Koch

Max’s journey as a scientist began in his home state of Pennsylvania. He developed a love of the natural world through hiking in the dense Appalachian forests and hunting fossils in the fields of coal. His love of the natural world grew into a passion for research at Kutztown University, where he studied the folding and association of membrane proteins and earned his B.S. in Biochemistry.

A love of hiking and the outdoors eventually drew him to the graduate program at Montana State University. During this time, Max cultivated a deep understanding of human metabolism, analytical chemistry, and multivariate statistics through the application of multiple “omics” methodologies to Alzheimer’s diseased brain samples. Related work involving the assessment of several causal analysis methods on simulated data generated from a kinetic model of metabolism further developed his expertise in graph theory and multivariate statistics.

While still in graduate school, Max collaborated with Elizabeth Corbin to optimize the initial formulations of her animal origin free media supplements through the application of design of experiments. Upon completion of his M.S. in Biochemistry, Max officially joined PurCell-Bio, where he now applies his biochemical and statistical expertise to PurCell’s R&D. 

Amy Johnson


Amy Johnson

Amy was born and raised in Missoula, MT. Following her highschool graduation from Mt. Ellis Academy in Bozeman, MT, she began a twelve year career in massage therapy. She had the opportunity to practice across the nation, thanks to her husband’s service in the United States Marine Core. Following the completion of her Massage Therapy career, she pursued a Bachelors in Applied Physics in 2017 from California State University, San Marcos and graduated in December 2022.

Amy’s interaction with PurCell Bio began when she interned in the summer of 2021. Upon completion of her Physics degree, she returned to PurCell Bio in 2022 and accepted an entry level position as a lab technician. In short order, she has quickly earned the title of Lab Manager by successfully overseeing lab operations and performing experiments. Amy enjoys the challenges that come with cell culture and the continual learning that PurCell Bio offers.

Amy has three wonderful children who keep her busy outside of work. She enjoys spending time with family and friends on her time off. She loves being back in MT and everything that this area offers.

Ramon “Ray” Parmenter

Ramon Parmenter

Prior to joining PurCell Bio, Ramon Parmenter enjoyed international acclaim as a sculptor and artist by rendering highly collectible bronze sculptures and oil paintings.  During the market crash of 2008, Ray felt called into the healing arts, becoming a Certified Nurse Assistant and providing care for his elderly father for his final two years. After his father’s passing, he stayed in the medical field and became a dialysis technician in 2012.  

Ray came to Bozeman at the request of a friend and former art student who owns a bronze gallery in the area. While assisting in the business, and producing sculptures and paintings, Ray met Dr. Elizabeth Corbin and was intrigued by her work.   They discovered a strong spiritual bond and he decided to bring his lab tech skills, as well as his creative mind and gift, to the PurCell project.  

Today, Ray resides in Bozeman and has assisted in the creation of PurCell Bio in many diverse ways — anything from painting the clean room to running experiments.  He continues to produce great art in his spare time, and enjoys music, organic gardening and the study of the Bible.

Cynthia Tsai

Cynthia Tsai, Board

Cynthia Ekberg Tsai, the CEO of Healthquest, is adept in providing insights to such rising entrepreneurs. Healthquest is known as a prominent global biotechnology and medical technologies advisory firm. According to Cynthia, only a great setting can support the best business ideas, effective strategies, and relationships with the potential to ensure lasting bonds. She delves deep into her clients’ challenges and unearth opportunities.

Cynthia spent 13 years on Wall St. and then brought that experience to collaborations with some of the brilliant minds from MIT. Some of those companies are still in the market, after almost two and a half decades.

Cynthia’s collaborations now cover many different technologies including AI, biotechnology, therapeutic, and medtech spaces. Such a diverse range of connections proves her capability to penetrate many sectors well and understand their requirements.  Her association with PurCell Bio has been pivotal and her ongoing input has been game-changing as we move forward.

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Dr. Indu Javeri

Dr. Indu Javeri, Board

Dr. Javeri holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Oklahoma and has a rich background in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. As the head of CuriRx, a Contract Research, Development, and Manufacturing Company (CRDMO), she has successfully led collaborations with various companies, contributing to the development of a diverse range of products, including biologics, viral and non-viral vectors, small molecules, peptides, proteins, vaccines, generics, and biosimilars.

CuriRx, under Dr. Javeri’s leadership, is committed to fostering a healthy and collaborative work environment. The company places a strong emphasis on shared values, prioritizing individual growth, client relationships, contributions to the scientific community, and, ultimately, patient well-being.

Dr. Javeri’s extensive experience includes a thirteen-year tenure as CEO at Formatech, a company she co-founded. During her leadership at Formatech, she collaborated with numerous entities to drive product development and established collaborations that resulted in the creation of new intellectual properties.

Her remarkable ability to drive improvements in product, process, and customer service, coupled with her adeptness in forming strategic partnerships with key decision-makers, has been a hallmark of her career. Prior to CuriRx and Formatech, Dr. Javeri held significant scientific and management positions at Genetics Institute in Andover, MA, Abbott Biotech in Needham, MA, and Cambridge Neurosciences in Cambridge, MA.